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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Justy

This post is dedicated to the memory of The Justy. We had many good times together. I miss you.

When I got home from Belgium I saw an ugly, beat up, old, little red car sitting in the driveway.

I assumed it was my sister's boyfriend's car. Much to my dismay, my mother informed me that it was mine.

I am clearly much too classy to be driving a heap of junk like that! MY LIFE IS SO DIFFICULT!! #whitepeopleproblems

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The first time I drove it, I was just going for a test drive, with my sister in the passenger seat.

We'd only just pulled out onto the street when she shrieked in my ear.

In Belgium they drive on the other (wrong) side of the road. After having been there for a year, I wasn't used to driving on the left any more. Luckily things went back to normal within a day.

Sometimes when there were no cars around, I'd see how fast I could go on the main road.

I was so proud when my little beast made it all the way to 125 kph.


One time I decided to pimp my ride. I went to the supermarket with my friend Diane, and got some packing tape, some cardboard boxes and a craft knife.

I added a body kit.
A scoop

And a spoiler

We then drove around like the badass gangsters we are, reving the engine at intersections, cruising past the pits, generally being awesome.

We pulled up to a roundabout.

I'd just revved my engine at an undercover police car. I never realised that you could get pulled over for being so awesome. Clearly the police were just jealous of my sweet car.... Actually, I just didn't have my headlights on.

One night I was driving Diane and I home from town, where we pulled up to the traffic lights.

We waited for what seemed like forever.

I saw the lights turn green, and pulled out. Once I was halfway across the intersection I realised that the green lights were actually the lights for going the other direction.

Instead of being a normal person and carrying on, I slammed it into reverse and went back to the traffic lights.

There were some police across the road from me, but they were too busy laughing at me to pull me over.
Keep in mind that this is in Taupo, so there is only set of traffic lights, and I still managed to mess it up.

I had the Justy in Wellington once. My friends Beth and Francesca came with for a drive with me. We ended up driving up and down Courtenay Place (the street with all the bars on it) blasting Britney Spears as loud as the stereo could go.

At one set of traffic lights, I revved my engine at the car next to me.

They revved back.

I had just revved my engine at a Porsche. OH IT WAS ON!!

And off we went!! Needless to say, the Porsche won. But my little beast put up a good fight!

My parents sold the justy two years ago. Every now and then I see it around town and remember all the good times we had.

These are only a few of the stories, I will be posting more as I remember them.

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